Directorate General of Vigilance & Enforcement

The Vigilance & Enforcement Department was constituted in G.O.Ms.No.269 G.A.(SC.D) Department, dt. 11-6-85 by the Government as part of GAD to conduct enquiries / investigations into specific allegations affecting public interest and to take effective measures through its own machinery and with the help of other vigilance bodies, organisations and departments of the Government to achieve the objectives of (i) prevention of leakage of revenues, (ii) detection of misuse or wastage of Government funds and resources, (iii) prevention of loss of Stateís wealth and natural resources, (iv) prevention of losses/wastage and graft in Public Sector Undertakings and Government Companies, (v)advising the Government regarding changes needed in laws and rules and (vi) advising Government on matters referred to it. It is thus required to carry out Vigilance functions where Government spending is involved and enforcement functions in respect of revenues due to Government.

2 The Department is headed by an Officer designated as Director General (V&E), and ex officio Prl.Secretary to Government, who is assisted by Director (V&E) of the rank of Inspector General of Police.

3 The Department consists of (i) Revenue Wing, (ii) Engineering Wing (iii) Development Works Wing and (iv) Natural Resources Wing, each headed by a Joint/Addl.Director. It has 12 Regional Offices headed by a Regional Vigilance & Enforcement Officer.

4 The V&E Department has jurisdiction and powers throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh in respect of matters to which the executive authority of the State extends, covering all Departments of the Government, State Public Sector Undertakings, State Government Companies, all local bodies like Municipalities and Zilla Parishads and quasi-Government bodies and organisations receiving aid or assistance of the State Government in any form.

5 Full co-operation and facilities should be extended by administrative authorities and individual public servants to the officers of V&E Department, in conducting enquiries/investigation, in making over records and making available witnesses, in providing technical assistance and in transferring suspect public servants and placing them under suspension.

6 Prosecution should be the general rule in cases of bribery, corruption and criminal misconduct like causing wrongful loss to the Government or wrongful gain to others, and in such cases, the V&E Department will submit a report to the Government or the Director General, Anti-Corruption Bureau recommending registration of a case and investigation by the Anti-Corruption Bureau With the vesting of power under cls. (o) and (s) of sec. 2 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the Vigilance & Enforcement Department itself could take up investigation of offences.

7 Petitions and complaints received from the Vigilance Commissioner, Institution of Lokayukta and Upa-Lokayukta, Chief Ministerís Office and Chief Secretary addressed to the Director General (V&E) will be enquired into or investigated and reports submitted.

8 Normally, V&E Department does not entertain requests from Departments to conduct enquiries on petitions received against their officials. In exceptional cases, very important enquiries may be entrusted, with the approval of the Chief Secretary.

9 The Director General (V&E) may convene meetings with the Principal Secretaries, Heads of Department or with their representatives and review the follow-up action taken on the reports of the V&E Department. The Departments are required to inform the action taken and the Director General (V&E) is authorised to call for Action Taken Reports (ATRs) from the Departments. (Single Directive issued in G.O.Ms.No.504, G.A. (V&E-A) Dept. dt. 25-11- 97)

10 The Director General, Vigilance and Enforcement Department is required to send reports having a vigilance angle to the Departments concerned through the Vigilance Commission for advice. (U.O.Note No.36/Spl.C/2003-1 G.A. (Spl.C) Dept. dt.26- 5-2003)

11 In cases enquired into/investigated by the Vigilance & Enforcement Department, Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Department are required to prepare the draft articles of charge etc. utilising their own resources. The Director General, V&E should forward the documents along with the report of inquiry/investigation and render assistance in identifying witnesses and documents to be cited in the articles of charge and in securing the witnesses, and an officer of the V&E Department may be appointed as presenting officer wherever considered necessary. (U.O.Note No.599/Spl.B/99-1 G.A. (Spl.B) Dept. dt.31-5-2001)

12 Government clarified that Investigating Officers of the Vigilance & Enforcement Department should appear before the Commissionerate of Inquiries on behalf of the Disciplinary Authority whenever required. (U.O.Note No.853/SC.E/2001-7 G.A.(SC.E) Dept. dt.28-1-2002)