3. Rule 20 of APCS (CCA) Rules, 1991 — Major penalty proceedings - drastically amended on 19-12-2003

3.1 Rule 20 of the APCS (CCA) Rules, 1991 which governs the conduct of Major penalty proceedings has been drastically amended by G.O.Ms.No.383 G.A.(Ser.C) Dept. dt.19-12-2003 with the avowed object of expediting the proceedings. The changed procedure explained in this Chapter and the succeeding Chapter on “Oral Inquiry” has to be followed henceforth in respect of inquiries under these Rules.

3.2 The procedure laid down in rule 20 of the APCS (CCA) Rules, 1991 on major penalty proceedings is narrated below, followed by an interpretation of the provisions and discussion of related issues.