Circular Memo.No. 58226/Ser.A/2000-2 Genl.Admn.(Ser.A) Dept., dated 1-5-2001 regarding appointment on compassionate grounds - termination with show cause notice for neglecting family members

Subject Heading: Compassionate appointment-termination for neglect of family members


Ref : 1. G.O.Ms.No.1005, Employment & Social Welfare Department Dt.27.12.1974.
2. G.O.Ms.No.504, G.A. (Ser.A) Department, Dt.20.10.1980.

The Scheme of compassionate appointment to the dependents of deceased Government employees and to the dependents of Government employees who retire on medical invalidation was evolved to provide immediate relief to the families of Government employees. Among several welfare measures initiated by the Government to its employees, the scheme of compassionate appointments, is a well thought of social security measure. The obvious thrust is to instill a sense of “feel secure” confidence among the employees who are the tools of administrative machinery. To streamline and strengthen the scheme of compassionate appointments to the dependents of Government employees, several clarifications were issued for the larger benefit of the dependents of Government employees.

2. Instances have come to the notice of the Government, that in certain cases, the person appointed on compassionate grounds is not looking after the other dependents of the deceased Government employees or the employees who retired on medical invalidation, whereby the distress of the dependents was not redressed. This is causing much concern and it is apprehended that the object of the scheme of compassionate appointments is not reaching the needy. Keeping this situation in view, it is considered necessary to streamline further the scheme of compassionate appointment to the dependents of Government employees and issue the following further instructions.

3. In the offer of appointment on compassionate grounds to the dependents of deceased Government employees and to the dependents of Government employees who retire on Medical invalidation, the following condition, among others, should be incorporated :

“An undertaking in writing should be given that he / she (the person appointed) will maintain properly the other family members who were dependent on the Government servant (deceased Government employee / Government Employee who retired on medical invalidation) and in case it is proved subsequently (at any time) that the family members are being neglected or are not being maintained properly by him / her the appointment may be terminated forthwith”.

4. The appointment on Compassionate grounds can be terminated on the ground of non-compliance of any conditions stated in the offer of appointment after providing an opportunity to the compassionate appointee by way of issue of show cause notice asking him / her to explain why his / her services should not be terminated for noncompliance of the condition in the offer of appointment and it is not necessary to follow the procedure prescribed in the Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Classification Control and Appeal) Rules / Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Services Rules or any rules in force.

5. The power of termination of services for non-compliance of the conditions in the offer of compassionate appointments shall be exercised by the Secretary to Government of the administrative Department concerned in respect of appointments in the Department of Secretariat or the Head of the Department in the case of other offices.

6. The Departments of Secretariat, Heads of Departments and the District Collectors are requested to follow the above instructions scrupulously.