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About  the Andhra Pradesh Vigilance commission

      The Andhra Pradesh Vigilance Commission came into being on the 27th June, 1964, as an independent advisory body to deal with prevention of corruption and maintenance of  integrity  in public services, ensuring just and fair exercise of administrative powers vested in various authorities under the State Government.  Its primary objective is to advise the  Government in matters relating to corruption, misconduct, lack of integrity or other malpractices or misdemeanour on the part of public servants under the executive power of the State. 

           Functioning of  Commission was interrupted when the Government abolished the institution vide GO Ms No. 72, General Administration (SC.E) Dept., dated 3.2.1983 and created a one man special authority called “ The Dharma Mahamatra”.  With the coming into force of  the Andhra Pradesh Lok Ayukta and Upa Lok Ayukta Act, 1983  this institution was abolished with effect from 18.8.1984.  The Andhra Pradesh Vigilance Commission was revived by the Government through G.O. Ms No.368 General Administration (SC.D) Department dated 29.6.1993 based on the recommendation of the Committee on Administrative Re-Organisation.  Thus the Commission started functioning again from the 30th June 1993 with the same jurisdiction and functions.